Hi!  My name is Muriel and I’m a clarinet junkie.

It probably started when I was very young and my Dad listened to a lot of great music, including Benny Goodman.  So when I was old enough to play in a school band there was of course only one instrument I wanted to play.

I didn’t play my clarinet much for a few years after I left high school, but I missed it. So I took some private lessons from Larry Crawford – a great local clarinet (and sax and flute) player.  A few years after that I discovered the Kelowna City Band and I’ve been there more years than I like to count.  Decades. I think there’s only one person who’s been there longer.

I’m getting quite a collection of clarinets. My most recent find (and the one I’m playing the most at the moment) is a wonderful Noblet bass clarinet.  I took a risk and bought it on eBay from Hayes House of Music in Topeka, Kansas. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great instrument and a noticeable improvement from the student horns I’ve played in the past.

There’s a few B flats lying around – my original school instrument, a couple my kids played in school, and my other favourite, an Evette and Schaeffer by Buffet that I bought from long-time local instrument repair tech Kelly Purdue, owner of Valley Wind and Reed in Kelowna.

I was recently given an alto clarinet by friend Howard Lee, another repair tech extraordinaire and the head repair guy with Tom Lee Music in Vancouver.

And I have a nice little Yamaha Eb, currently on loan to another member of the Kelowna City Band.

My own clarinet choir if I could only play them all at the same time….