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Buffet Crampon Clarinets

About the Company

Buffet LogoThe Buffet clarinet line has a history going back to 1825. It was in that year that the French instrument maker Denis Buffet-Auger set up a workshop in Paris. It didn't take long before he had a reputation for making high quality clarinets. His son, Jean-Louis, took over the company in 1830. The name Buffet Crampon came into use after 1836, when Jean-Louis married Zoe Crampon. The company logo, as used today, was first used in 1844.

Buffet clarinets were the first to use movable rings, an idea adapted from flute keywork developed by a German instrument maker, Theobald Boehm. This keywork was introduced in about 1840, and was so successful that it lead to the building of a new company factory in 1850.

The Buffet clarinet began to receive awards as the company was recognized for the quality and innovation of their instruments. in 1918, the company entered the North American market and gained recognition as a world leader for professional clarinets.

Buffet Crampon was acquired by the Boosey and Hawkes Group in 1981. Production facilities were modernized but the reputation for quality craftmanship continued. Boosey's instrument manufacturing arms were joined under a new umbrella, the Music Group, in 2003.

About the Clarinets

Today, there is a Buffet clarinet suitable for any level of player - from beginners to seasoned professionals. From the B10 and B12 entry level models made from durable resin, to the well known professional Buffet R13 made from grenadilla wood, the new Greenline models, manufactured in a way that conserves precious woods, to the brand-new Tosca with keywork enhancements. The lineup of buffet clarinet models includes:

  • Tosca Clarinet
  • R13, R13 Prestige, R13 Vintage
  • RC Clarinet
  • RC Prestige
  • RC Prestige Eb
  • Prestige in Eb, C and D
  • Festival
  • Student B10, B12
  • Student E10, E11, E12 in Bb
  • Student E13, C12
  • Greenline - most pro models available
  • Prestige Basset Clarinet in A
  • Prestige Basset Horn
  • Alto, Contra Alto Clarinets
  • Student and Professional Bass Clarinets

Notable Models

The newest model in the lineup, the Tosca has been getting good reviews from most players who've tried it. The company says it has a new bore design. The Tosca also features keywork enhancements including a low F correction key. It is avaiable in grenadilla wood or greenline, and in Bb or A.

A long-standing favorite, the R13 clarinet has been around since 1955. It is still one of the most popular pro models on the market. Although it has undergone some very minor changes over the years, the original R13 has been recognized with the release of the Vinage R13, true to the design and manufacture of the originals

A revolutionary new composite material designed to conserve stocks of precious woods. Green Line instruments blend 95% wood powder with carbon fibres. The result is a durable material that the company says has the same acoustic qualities as wood.

The company also makes flutes, oboes, bassoons and saxophones. 

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