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Yamaha Clarinet

About the Company

Yamaha clarinet company informationYamaha clarinets have gained a reputation of quality. Yamaha has been making musical instruments ince 1887, when it began with production of reed organs. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of a full line of instruments, including clarinets and other woodwind and brass instruments.

Although Yamaha makes everything from electronics to motorcycles, the company continues to make fine clarinets and other instruments through its musical instrument division. Yamaha clarinet models are popular with pros and beginners alike.

About the Clarinets

Yamaha makes a clarinet that is perfect for every level of player from pros on down to beginners. From the YCL250 to the CSV series and other professional lines, there is truly something for everyone.. The current Yamaha clarinet model lineup includes:

  • YCL 250
  • YCL 450
  • YCL 650
  • CSG Series

Yamaha offers several of these models in the key of A and Eb, and makes alto and bass clarinets as well.

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